When most people think about braces they typically think of one thing: a straight, beautiful smile.  While this is a great reason to seek out a dentist that does Invisalign in Tucson, it is not the only, or even most important factor.


A majority of people have some sort of misalignment with their teeth.  This can range from slight rotations and crowding, to more severe situations like crossbite or a narrow arch.  The position of the teeth is critical to the overall function of your bite.  When your teeth hit in positions that they are not designed to hit damage can occur.  This damage will manifest itself in different ways, but more than likely, you will start to see chipping, fracture lines, and even breakage of your teeth.  This is the most important reason to straighten your teeth with clear braces in Tucson. Aligning the teeth in a harmonious bite will help you avoid improper wear and eventual damage to your dentition. 


The second most important reason to have your teeth in correct alignment is to make cleaning easier.  When the teeth are overlapping, spaced unevenly, or have poor contacts with their neighboring teeth, they can be much more difficult, if not impossible to keep clean.  Undoing crowding, spaces and problematic contacts can greatly improve your ability to maintain the hygiene of your mouth between your regular dental visits.  If you can maintain your oral health at a higher level, you are far less likely to develop other problems like cavities or gum disease. 


As previously mentioned, the most popular reason to consider Invisalign in Tucson is a straight, beautiful smile.  This can add a huge boost to your confidence level and make you feel more comfortable in any situation, especially when you have to show your teeth or give any sort of presentation.


Many times people have had braces in the past but have chosen to not wear their retainers.  Without retention, teeth have the tendency to revert back to the positions where they were previously. If you have had braces in the past, but neglected to wear your retainers, you may be the perfect candidate for Invisalign orthodontics.


People frequently ask why they should choose Invisalign over traditional metal braces.  There are a number of benefits that will make the experience of orthodontics much better.  The first benefit that clear tray braces have against metal brackets is comfort.  It is much more comfortable to wear trays than to have metal brackets that can poke into your lips and cheeks. 


The second benefit that you will get when you choose clear aligners is the ability to clean your teeth more efficiently.  One of the most common problems with metal braces is that they make hygiene almost impossible.  It is extremely difficult and time consuming to brush around all of the brackets and takes even longer to try to floss.  Many people give up because of this and end up getting decay while they are in braces.  What good are straight teeth if they are filled with cavities?  Invisalign will help improve your ability to maintain the hygiene of your mouth between visits by fixing the crowding of your teeth as well as any spacing issues and problematic contacts.


Another huge benefit that you’ll get from Invisalign is that the trays used to move your teeth are clear.  This means that most people won’t even know you are wearing them.  Adults typically hesitate to do braces because they don’t want to have the brackets on in social settings, but with Invisalign in Tucson, this worry is completely eliminated.


The last benefit is treatment time.  Invisalign trays are designed to be changed once per week, so the movements can be faster than brackets because you are constantly moving to another set of aligners.  Many straightforward cases can be completed in under a year. 


When you are thinking about straightening your teeth through Invisalign in Tucson, you may not have any idea about what to expect.  Typically, the first appointment is a consultation where you will sit down with Dr. Nagao and talk about your end goal.  You should bring a list of questions and concerns!  After you have spoken with Dr. Nagao and he has made sure you are a good candidate and that you don’t have any major problems a scan will be taken of your mouth. A scan is used in place of traditional goopy impressions because it is much more comfortable and accurate. After the scan is complete, Dr will show you a rendering of where your teeth could potentially be after completing Invisalign.  One of the assistants will also take photos of your teeth during this appointment.


Your next appointment will be to review the treatment plan in full. Dr Nagao will show you how many aligners it will take to move your teeth and give you an estimated treatment time.  If you are happy with the projected outcome, we will go ahead and order your aligners at this time. 


The third appointment is the delivery of the aligners!  At this appointment, you will likely have some small, tooth-colored attachments bonded temporarily to your teeth.  These attachments will facilitate the process and help the teeth move where they need to be.  You will likely get the first 4 aligners, which will get you through a month of treatment. Once the first aligners have been delivered, you will return monthly to make sure your teeth are moving properly and to get the next series of trays in your treatment.  You’ll continue these monthly appointments until you are finished with treatment. 


At the conclusion of your treatment, we will ensure the final result is acceptable clinically and esthetically and that you ended up with exactly what you wanted – a beautiful, properly functioning smile.