At Designer Dental, we strive to be at the forefront of technology. This allows us to improve the quality of your dental care in many different ways.  Our newest investment is the state-of-the art CEREC system. This technology allows us to restore decayed or broken teeth, remove defective amalgam (metal) fillings and place crowns or cosmetic veneers all in just one visit!

The CEREC technology allows Dr. Nagao to take an accurate digital impression of your tooth and use it produce a precise digital restoration right in the office. The materials that the CEREC system uses are the same that a high quality lab would use. One of the major advantages of a CEREC crown is that we don’t have to worry about a temporary crown so we can be much more conservative in the amount of tooth structure removed.

CEREC restorations use strong, anti-abrasive porcelain that matches the structure and translucency of surrounding teeth.  This gives a natural appearance while maintaining the strength needed to support the underlying tooth structure. In addition to looking great, these restorations have the same coefficient of thermal expansion as your natural teeth.  This means that when you eat something hot or cold, your restoration compresses and expands at the same rate as the tooth it’s bonded to, which results in fewer fractures.

Single-visit restorations mean no second appointment to deliver your crown!  As a patient you don’t have a second anesthesia injection, have to wear sensitive temporaries between two appointments, or miss a second day of work just to get your crown put on. 

CEREC is one of many new technologies that can make your experience at the dental office more enjoyable and convenient.  If you have been putting off treatment, now may be the perfect time to experience the benefits that new dental technology can offer you!