Spring has sprung! That means it is graduation and wedding season! Many people prepare for these two important occasions by getting their appearance ready for all the photos that will be taken of the big event.  Who doesn’t want to look their best in photos that will be shared for years to come? At Designer Dental, we want to help you look and feel your very best.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had whiter teeth? Maybe you’ve tried whitening before but were less than pleased with the results or maybe you noticed your teeth were very sensitive after using whitening products. Thankfully, we have something that not only provides great results, but also has minimal, if not ZERO, sensitivity!

We began using the GLO whitening system several months ago and our patients and staff are over-the-moon with this product.  Gone are the days where you’re stuck with whitening trays in your mouth for hours on end.  This system provides results in just eight minutes per session with NO trays!  GLO uses an LED light and heat in a closed mouthpiece to activate and accelerate the whitening solution on the teeth. 


The GLO system is a 2-step system.  The first step involves an in office treatment.  During this appointment, professional strength whitening agents will be used to “kick-start” the whitening process.  This will give you fast, dramatic results.  The second step is a take home kit that you continue to use between your in office visits to maintain and lighten even more.  

When you come in for the in-office portion, we begin by picking your “starting shade.”  There is significant variation to the shades and colors in teeth, the most common being yellow, brown, orange/red and gray.  Some shades lighten easier than other shades.  A 20 year old female will lighten much easier than a 65 year old male smoker.  However, both age groups can easily see results ranging from 1-3 shades lighter after an in-office session.

Once we’ve picked a shade, we will then isolate the gums with a barrier to prevent any gel from leaking onto the gums. This concentrated gel can slightly “burn” any soft tissue it comes into contact with so we are careful to make sure everything is protected before we start the whitening process. Our in-office gel has a concentration of 30% while the take home gel is only 9%. We will typically do 3 to 5 applications back to back in the office at 8 minutes per session. After treatment is finished, you will take the kit home and continue applications for the next 5 days to finish the whitening process. Continue to use the kit as needed.  If you are a smoker, coffee drinker, frequently drink dark liquids like red wine or dark sauces, you will need more frequent applications to maintain your results.

Glo Actual.png

We hope that we have piqued your interest in this exciting new whitening system we have at Designer Dental.  Next time you are in for a cleaning, ask us if GLO is a good option for you! We would love to get all of our graduates and bridal parties ready to say “cheese."

To reward the patients that are reading our blog, please mention this post and we will give you $100 off your GLO complete whitening system through June 30, 2017.